NEW SINGLE M2M / Mouth To Mouth released to the world! 

Writing a global cut for Rihanna might be one thing, and fronting a gold-selling pop duo another but now LUKE ascends the breaking wave of Canadian success stories by delivering his own effortless brand of slinky and cool mid-tempo R&B topped with a strong pop vocal. 

His newest song, the sensually emotive ‘M2M’ is relatable to anyone who has loved and lost… and then loved that same person again. 

M2M will be the song of the summer for those who click “complicated” on their Facebook relationship status. 

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VIP CD Release Party in Toronto on April 27th! 

CD Release Party: 
Regular and VIP tickets still available! 

For those of you in the Toronto area, I'd love to see you at the official CD release party, April 27th at Revival Bar. Doors are at 7:30pm and both regular and VIP tickets are available on our Pledge Page!  Tickets are just a pledge away, and when you do you also get an exclusive copy of my unreleased brand new album Trending!

TICKETS RIGHT THIS WAY FOLKS! >>>>>>>>>> LINK TO TICKETS HERE via my Pledge Music page

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NYC Video Released to the World! 

It was truly a dream come true shooting the video for my song New York City, in the Big Apple itself with collaborator John Dahlback.

It is your support that helps allow me to chase after these dreams and so amazing when they become a reality like this. 

Check the video out here: NYC Video

Pledge Music campaign has hit its stride!  

I'm stunned by the level of support and enthusiasm for my Pledge Music campaign. 

In one short month you guys have completely blown away our initial target, however there’s still a long way to go and we have so many great items available inside the campaign. 

Remember, the Pledge Store is open until the album is released on April 29th, so there's still time to Pledge ad pre-order "Trending" and other great exclusives"!  Let's keep it going! 



Thanks to loyal and new fans everywhere, Luke's new PLEDGE Campaign launched on February 2nd, has now succeeded in reaching just over 25% of its goal in just the first week! Luke's Pledge Campaign was created to help finish his latest solo album named TRENDING. With a wealth of offerings all listed on Luke's Pledge Music page, including everything from music to provide concerts, form song writing workshops to all sorts of branded merchandise, Luke's Pledge Campaign is a critical component in helping him to…Read more


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